What is a Foley Balloon Catheter?

Foley Catheter is a tube being fit in the patient’s urinary tract to drain the urine a person’s bladder is not capable of doing so. The tube can be made up of latex, silicone or silicone-coated latex. The thin tube has a balloon at its end. After the insertion of the tube, balloon is being filled with the sterile water. Then, the Foley Catheter is attached to the tubing and to the drain bag. And it is always told to wash hands whenever you touch the Foley Catheter to prevent from the infections. When one should use a Foley Catheter? … Continue reading What is a Foley Balloon Catheter?

What is a Digital Thermometer?

We all are very well aware that thermometer is a medical equipment used to measure body temperature by doing which doctors can recommend the medicine to the patients. Moreover, by frequently measuring the body temperature at the time of fever helps in maintaining the body temperature. Thermometers are used in industries to regulate the various processes, in medicine, in knowing weather conditions and of course for scientific purposes and researches. Digital Thermometer measures the temperature more precisely as compared to conventional mercury thermometer and digital thermometers do not contain mercury instead these thermometers contain the thermistor inside the tip which … Continue reading What is a Digital Thermometer?