What is a Foley Balloon Catheter?

Foley Catheter is a tube being fit in the patient’s urinary tract to drain the urine a person’s bladder is not capable of doing so. The tube can be made up of latex, silicone or silicone-coated latex. The thin tube has a balloon at its end. After the insertion of the tube, balloon is being filled with the sterile water. Then, the Foley Catheter is attached to the tubing and to the drain bag. And it is always told to wash hands whenever you touch the Foley Catheter to prevent from the infections.


When one should use a Foley Catheter?

When someone’s body stops urinating, then he or she has to take the medical assistance to solve the problem. With the usage of Foley Catheter urine can be easily drained out of the patient’s body but it should be used only under the doctor’s supervision as there are chances of complications if Foley Catheter is not inserted properly inside the urinary tract. Sometimes, it leads to rupture of the balloon and ultimately death of the patient.

Medical Supplies needed to use Foley Baloon Catheter

  • Gloves (latex, nitrile or latex-free)

  • Underpad or chux (waterproof)

  • BZK swab sticks

  • Surgical lubricant (sterile)

  • Irrigation Tray with syringe

  • Overnight drainage bags

Available Sizes of Foley Catheters

Foley Catheters are available in various different sizes and its range goes from 12FR (French Size) to 48FR. Generally, small size of Foley Catheters are preferred and mostly available as they are more comfortable but lager sizes are also used by the patients whose urine is thicker or contains high amount of sediments.

Foley Catheters manufacturers should only use high quality material in making of catheters following all the norms regarding the standard and quality of the production also the elasticity of the Foley Catheters should be high for the easy wearing by the patients.


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