Nitrile Examination Gloves: Durable and Long Lasting

Gloves are the important aspect of the medical industry. It is one of the important parameters to gauge the hygiene standards of any hospital, clinic or laboratory. It is a debatable subject that which type of gloves should be used latex gloves or Nitrile gloves. The gloves are made of Nitrile which is a synthetic polymer free of latex proteins. It is known to be efficient in blood prone situations where there is a high risk of contamination due to exposing of blood. Nitrile examination gloves are widely used in operating rooms and chemical laboratories as it is latex free and has higher resistance to chemicals in comparison to latex gloves.

The Nitrile gloves are widely used in comparison to latex gloves due to following reasons:

  • Latex gloves tear easily due to the presence of natural latex; but Nitrile gloves are tight and known for its durability in harsh weather situations, i.e. they do not easily tear off or shrink after regular washing.
  • It has a longer shelf life in comparison to natural latex rubber gloves that keeps the inventory cost under control.
  • The latex gloves can cause infection if proper care is not taken, but that is not the case with Nitrile gloves as they do not have latex so latex related infections go out of the window and they are easy to maintain as well.
  • They provide much more protection from chemical reactions at the time of experiments in the laboratory; so are always preferred over latex gloves.

To conclude, undoubtedly latex gloves are clear losers in the competition with Nitrile gloves; the only concern with the latter is that they are not biodegradable as it contains synthetic polymer. Another concern with the Nitrile gloves is it its price. The price of Nitril gloves is comparatively higher than the latex gloves as it contains petroleum components. The price of gloves largely depends on the price of petrol and keeps on varying from time to time. But keeping some drawbacks aside, it is the favourite option of the medical industry.

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