What Are the Benefits of Using Latex Examination Gloves?

Latex Examination Gloves, also known as medical gloves are used while medical examinations to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria and germs between surgeons and patients. These disposable gloves are made of various polymers such as latex, Nitrile rubber, neoprene, and polyvinyl chloride, etc. Primarily two types of medical gloves are used in hospitals and other medical institutions, namely, Examination Gloves and Surgical Gloves. Latex Examination Gloves are sterile as well as non-sterile. Some related posts: What is a Digital Thermometer? Benefits and Uses of Nebulisers in India Alcohol Swab First Aid Kits to Clean Wounded Areas Latex Gloves are the most … Continue reading What Are the Benefits of Using Latex Examination Gloves?

Nebulizers Kits A Relief to Breathing Problem

Nebulizer is an instrument which is utilized when people experience problems while breathing. This has been considered as a life-saving instrument which is said to be beneficial for the respiratory organs. It is small in size & extremely simple for the purpose of functioning. Yet with such subtle features, this is the most important device which helps in curing the problems of respiratory organs like asthma. A Nebulizers is said to be life-savior device which helps in the cases of sudden attacks of asthma. With the advent of modern technological devices are invented and discovered to take preventive measures of … Continue reading Nebulizers Kits A Relief to Breathing Problem

Alcohol Swab – Qualified Manufacturer and Supplier

Health is an important concern which can never be neglected and needs to be given the utmost priority. Being fit and healthy encourage us to work more capably and effortlessly. For that, we need to maintain hygiene standards everywhere. As it is easy to catch infection nowadays when visiting different places, one needs to be attentive and careful about the health measures being adopted in his/her surroundings. Most of the crowd is found in hospitals and clinics and every second patient is suffering from some or the other infectious disease. As a result, the disease can be communicated easily from … Continue reading Alcohol Swab – Qualified Manufacturer and Supplier

Lancets Manufacturers, Supplier and Exporter in India

A lancet is a small medical implement used for blood sampling that has an attached needle to safely take a blood sample which can prevent blood mediated infections such as AIDS, Hepatitis, and pathogenic Bacteria. Lancet is quite similar to a small scalpel but with a double-edged blade and needle. Lancets are used to make punctures, such as a finger-stick, to obtain small blood specimens. Blood lancets manufacturers are designing products which are to be used just once and dispose of them. Lancets are also used to prick the skin in skin testing for allergies. They are commonly used by … Continue reading Lancets Manufacturers, Supplier and Exporter in India

Shoe Cover – An Efficient Surgeon Scrub

Medical practitioners or surgeons are the ones who operate the patients and their diseases. They are the life-savers of the people and handles the highly responsible job efficiently. Their duty calls for dedication and efforts. So, they should be provided with the ease to give smooth and productive service. The surgeons wear scrubs while operating the medical practices. The scrubs consists of shirts, pants, gloves, cap, shoe covers, and much more. These scrubs help to prevent the transfer of infection and also helps not to catch the stains on their clothes. The one very helpful and efficient scrub is the … Continue reading Shoe Cover – An Efficient Surgeon Scrub

What is a Foley Balloon Catheter?

Foley Catheter is a tube being fit in the patient’s urinary tract to drain the urine a person’s bladder is not capable of doing so. The tube can be made up of latex, silicone or silicone-coated latex. The thin tube has a balloon at its end. After the insertion of the tube, balloon is being filled with the sterile water. Then, the Foley Catheter is attached to the tubing and to the drain bag. And it is always told to wash hands whenever you touch the Foley Catheter to prevent from the infections. When one should use a Foley Catheter? … Continue reading What is a Foley Balloon Catheter?

What is a Digital Thermometer?

We all are very well aware that thermometer is a medical equipment used to measure body temperature by doing which doctors can recommend the medicine to the patients. Moreover, by frequently measuring the body temperature at the time of fever helps in maintaining the body temperature. Thermometers are used in industries to regulate the various processes, in medicine, in knowing weather conditions and of course for scientific purposes and researches. Digital Thermometer measures the temperature more precisely as compared to conventional mercury thermometer and digital thermometers do not contain mercury instead these thermometers contain the thermistor inside the tip which … Continue reading What is a Digital Thermometer?